With offices in the USA, Europe and South America, Engineered Rigging’s people, solutions and equipment are ideally located to meet the dynamic needs of clients around the globe. Our 40,000 square foot, state-of-the-art fabrication and load-testing facility is strategically located on a 15-acre site 75 miles north of Little Rock in Russellville, Arkansas.

Contact Info

Rentals & Sales: North America

Eddy Kitchen

  • 1.804.814.4844

Rentals & Sales: South America

Arnol Salicetti M.

  • Av. Presidente Eduardo Frei

    Montalva 17500.

    Lampa, Región Metropolitana

    Santiago, Chile

Rentals & Sales: Europe

Carlo Karsson

  • 31.639.814.212

  • Amelo, The Netherlands