Hydraulic Strand Jacks

Strand jacks are widely recognized as the most sophisticated heavy lifting solution. They are used around the world whenever a conventional crane is not practical or economical. A strand jack system provides precise synchronous control with heavy lifting capacity in an economical, reliable, and compact footprint with capacities from 17 to 1,405 tons per jack.

Engineered Rigging’s Strand Jack System can be controlled by a single operator from a central location which improves safety. We offer computerized control for up to 60 strand jacks simultaneously. Power is supplied by diesel or electric hydraulic power packs and a lifting anchor is provided.

Strand Jack Systems are widely used in the oil and gas industry and are ideal for industrial plant maintenance projects, ports and construction sites that do not have the area needed to operate a large crane. 

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Strand Jack Features

Strand Jack 3530a SM
  • Enerpac strand jacks are powered by electrical or diesel driven hydraulic power packs and controlled by Enerpac’s proprietary SCC-Smart Cylinder Control System to ensure full control of lifting and lowering operations.
  • Precision control of synchronous lifting and lowering
  • Can be controlled by a single operator from a central location for increased safety
  • Automated locking - unlocking operation
  • Two strand sizes: 0.62 in (15.7 mm) and 0.71 in (18 mm)
  • Telescopic strand guide pipes prevent bird caging
  • Lifting anchor included with all strand jacks
  • Lloyds witness tested to 125% of maximum working load
  • Capacity is based on 2.5 minimum safety factor over strand breaking load
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