Engineered Rigging provides a wide-range of heavy lifting equipment, including patent-pending, proprietary solutions like the Pipe Modular Lift System (PMLS) and the Power-Slide, a variety of cranes, in-plant transporters and more. We are also an authorized dealer of Enerpac Heavy Lifting Technology including gantry systems, strand jacks, jack-up systems and more. Most items in our fleet of heavy transport and heavy lifting equipment are available for lease or purchase. If you need assistance identifying the type of equipment best suited for your project’s specific needs, please contact Eddy Kitchen at 804.814.4844.


Engineered Rigging Solutions

  • Dual-Lane Transporters
  • Girder-Bridge Systems
  • Hydraulic Platform Trailers
  • Self-Propelled Modular Transporters
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Enerpac Hydraulic Systems

  • Gantry Systems
  • In-Plant Transporter
  • Jack-Up Systems
  • Strand Jacks
  • Skidding Systems
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Pre-Owned Cranes & Equipment

  • All-Terrain Crane
  • Rough-Terrain Crane
  • Crawler Crane
  • Truck Crane

Heavy Transport

  • Dual-Lane Transporters
  • Girder-Bridge Systems
  • Hydraulic Platform Trailers
  • Self-Propelled Modular Transporters

Custom Designed Heavy Lifting & Transport Equipment

Engineered Rigging specializes in providing heavy lifting and heavy transport equipment for high elevations, confined spaces and remote locations. In some cases, an especially challenging project requires a customized solution. Engineered Rigging’s team of engineers has a proven track record of assessing the situation and applying ingenuity to develop a comprehensive logistical plan which sometimes requires custom designed heavy lifting and heavy transport equipment. Check out the case studies below to learn more about our custom designed engineering solutions.

PMLS Rises to the Challenge and Mitigates Outage

Our patent-pending Pipe Modular Lift System (pictured at left) was created when a midwestern utility plant needed to replace 48 cooling coils inside of its plant, but the building’s only equipment hatch was 50-feet above the ground.

Innovative Engineering Solves Sky-High Logistical Problem

In another instance, an industrial plant in Florida had a monumental problem. A corroded platform was located 150 feet in the air, unstable and supporting a nearly 180-foot tall vent stack with a 7-foot diameter. The platform was nearly impossible to reach, because it was located above equipment that couldn’t be moved or disturbed.


In addition to being an authorized dealer of Enerpac Heavy Lifting Technology, our Arkansas facility is registered as an Enerpac Service Center.