In-Plant Transporter Maneuvers Clearances of Less than 3 Inches

When a Georgia manufacturer needed to install a new condenser, generator and steam turbine inside of its plant, it faced a formidable challenge: extremely tight clearances of less than three inches. Engineered Rigging had the perfect solution. While self-propelled modular transporters (SPMTs) have long been a problem-solver for outdoor projects, the Enerpac SPMT 600-360 is a lesser-known secret weapon that we like to call the In-Plant Transporter. Three key features differentiate the In-Plant Transporter from traditional SPMTs:
  • An operating height of just 30 inches
  • A narrow width of 90 inches, and
  • Smooth tread tires that make it ideal for interior concrete surfaces.
With its ability to rotate 360 degrees without changing its midpoint and pivoting wheel assemblies that allow forward, backward and sideways movement, the In-Plant Transporter was used to proficiently move the new equipment into place. Our fleet of In-Plant Transporters feature the Intelli-Drive Remote Controller which is intuitively easy to use and optimizes safety as the operator does not need to be on or in the transporter. The controller can be hardwired or wireless. Another winning feature of our In-Plant Transporter is the ease of delivery. Two transporters and one power pack can be quickly sent to your location via a standard flatbed trailer or 20-foot container without special transport permits. Engineered Rigging has In-Plant Transporters, SPMTs and a variety of heavy lifting equipment available for rental and sale. Details are available on our website. For the Georgia manufacturer’s project, Engineered Rigging provided engineering support, equipment rental and technical oversight during the installation of the condenser, generator and steam turbine. If you have a project that requires maneuvering heavy equipment through small entries, tight corridors and confined spaces, contact Eddy Kitchen or call 844.474.4448
Glen and son 800

Getting to Know Glen Maxwell

Engineered Rigging Project Manager

Exactly 20 years ago, Glen Maxwell started his career in the heavy lifting industry at Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Plant Steam Generator Replacements and he joined Engineered Rigging in 2019. While Glen admits he was introduced to the industry by chance, it’s the quality of the people he’s met along the way that have kept him here. A favorite part of his job is building relationships with clients. A little-known fact: Glen is an accomplished unicyclist! He also enjoys running and drinking IPA beer—in that order but not at the same time! Glen lives in Denver, North Carolina with his wife, son and Golden Retriever Molly. The photo was captured of Glen and his son at a Knights ballgame in Charlotte.