The International Energy Agency (IEA) projects a significant increase in demand for “critical minerals” to sustain global production of electric vehicles and batteries and low-carbon solar and wind power plants. This increased demand, coupled with recent price spikes, is fueling investment in mineral exploration and production. Simultaneously, rising labor and material costs are necessitating that mining be done more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Engineered Rigging can help mining contractors meet these challenges with a collection of in-house solutions. Our expert engineers develop safe, affordable lift plans to tackle the toughest mining challenges, including maintaining fleet equipment such as electric rope shovels, lifting and lowering massive conveyers, and installing new ore processing mills. Our engineering team dedicates time to understand the complexity of your project allowing us to apply our innovative thinking and extensive heavy lifting experience to your unique situation.
In addition, Engineered Rigging has a rental fleet of heavy lifting equipment that can bridge any equipment gaps. By renting the specialized equipment needed for a project, mining contractors can avoid CAPEX costs and the often-long wait times for new equipment delivery. Best of all, you can schedule the equipment to be on site when it is needed to simplify logistics and avoid site congestion. Our equipment collection includes the JS500 Jack-Up System which is a 2,200-ton incremental lifter ideal for shovel undecking; the Split-Flow Hydraulic Pump which provides a networked synchronous lift for bearing work, machinery lift and shift and mobile equipment lifting; self-locking cube jacks for incremental lifting suitable for mining equipment maintenance and low-height, long-stroke lifts;  slide systems for machinery moving, component sliding under machines and conveyor maintenance. Engineered Rigging also offers innovative specialty solutions that we design-build for your unique specifications.


Engineered Rigging has trained and experienced equipment technicians available to meet a project’s skilled labor needs. We complement your team by supplying on-site technical support to expedite project completion, enhance safety and advance the project’s overall success.
By leveraging our highly specialized personnel, in-house engineering expertise and equipment rental, Engineered Rigging helps reduce downtime, minimize disruption, and optimize safety on all types of mining exploration and production projects. Call 1-844.474.4448 to start the conversation with one of our heavy lifting experts.