Split-Flow Pumps

Engineered Rigging has six Enerpac SFP421SJ Split-Flow Pumps available for rental, and as an authorized Enerpac distributor, we sell all models in the Enerpac SFP-Series. Our powerful hydraulic pump rental features four outlets with equal flow which makes it ideal for lifting and lowering applications that require multiple lift points. Split-flow pumps deliver greater accuracy than independently operated pumps. They are a proven, safe, economical solution suitable for a variety of applications including general construction, bridge construction, shipbuilding, leveling wind turbines, and building relocation. Engineered Rigging has six split-flow pumps available for rental.

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Split-Flow Pump Features

Our Enerpac SFP421SJ Split-Flow Pump rental delivers a variety of features to provide safe and accurate lifting and lowering operations. Multiple pumps can be controlled with one control unit to simplify operation.

  • 460v
  • 4 split-flow outlets
  • 4/3 solenoid valvea
  • 40-gallon reservoir
  • Compatible with double- or single-acting cylinders
  • Delivers synchronization of maximum 4%
  • Individual or simultaneous operation of valves with advance/hold/retract functionality
  • Output flow rate of 153 in3/min at 10,000 psi
  • Adjustable pressure relief valve per circuit
  • Includes pressure gauge

Split-Flow Pump Network

Enerpac's plug and play Split-Flow Pump Network Kit connects multiple split-flow pumps under a single control system to provide more lift points and greater accuracy. Pumps can be closer to the lifting points, requiring shorter hoses and increased accuracy. The network system can synchronize all lift points to within 0.04 inch. 

split flow pump network diagram

Common Split Flow Pump Applications