Self-Locking Cube Jacks

The Self-Locking Cube Jack is a safer, more efficient alternative to the jack-and-pack method with wooden cribbing. It also features a small footprint and is useable in confined spaces, providing a stable lift to nearly 10 feet. Jobs are completed more efficiently due to simplified operation sequence with 50% less cycles than climbing jacks.

The Self-Locking Cube Jack system automatically mechanically locks after the lifting or lowering stroke. Self-aligning steel cribbing blocks save time, improve side load, and eliminate the need for wooden cribbing materials. The cribbing blocks are lightweight and can be handled manually.

Engineered Rigging’s Self-Locking Cube Jacks include an end block with adjustable swivel saddle which allows fine adjustment during set-up: 1.97-inch screw extension.

Cube Jack 1 sq


Cube Jack
  • End block with tilting saddle
  • Eye-bolts for hoisting
  • Forklift tabs
  • Removable insert table
  • Cube Jack base frame
  • Locating pins
  • Steel cribbing blocks
  • Adjustable tilting saddle
  • Flow control
  • Mode locking pin
  • Mode selector lever
  • Hydraulic connections (advance / retract)
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