Knuckle Boom Crane Systems

By utilizing a compact, counter-weight system, Engineered Rigging’s Knuckle Boom Crane Systems require a footprint that is the fraction of the size of most cranes which makes them ideal for loading, lifting and handling tasks in tight spaces. Despite their smaller size, these mobile crane systems offer power and flexibility, as well as various attachment configurations. Engineered Rigging can design a Knuckle Boom System for steel or concrete platforms, a rail cart attachment or a SPMT trailer.  

Advantages Over Traditional Cranes

  • Flexibility of applications
  • Ease of operation
  • Optimized load control
  • Superior lift to weight ratios when compared to telescopic or stick booms
  • Affordability = reduced project costs
  • Rapid mobilization, setup and demobilization

Engineered Rigging’s knuckle boom systems and experienced operators will travel anywhere in the continental U.S. We maintain all of our equipment in a ready-status to expedite deliveryand minimize or completely eliminate service calls. In addition, our knuckle boom cranes can be custom-configured to meet your specific needs. 

PM 65 SP Knuckle Boom Crane System

This 65-ton articulating crane is versatile, lightweight and powerful, with a load of safety features, including a high-tech electronic monitoring Stability Power System, dynamic load control and real-time diagnostics. The onboard computer operating system can manage millions of operations per second, which guarantees immediate response from the machine to maximize control and productivity.

PM 100 SP Knuckle Boom Crane System

The PM 100 SP’s new octagonal profile increases loading performance and accuracy while also improving safety. It is controlled by independent cylinders mounted alternately on top of the boom pack which reduces the deflection of the extension booms under load, increases stability and allows the operator to work with maximum speed and precision. It offers unbeatable hydraulic outreach.