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1200x800-wood beam

Azobe Wood Timbers

Multiple capacities and lengths available


Beam Clamps

  • Clamp capacities available from 3 to 24 tons.
  • Brands include Crosby, Dayton, Elephant Lifting Products, General Clamp Industries, Harrington, and Ingersoll.


Multiple capacities compatible with our Enerpac gantry rentals 

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1200x800-header beam

Gantry Header Beams

Multiple capacities and length

1200x800-load stools

Load Stools

  • 50-ton
  • 4’x4’x4’
  • Qty. 12


  • 600-ton Green Pin (Qty. 16)
  • 150-ton Green Pin Shackle (Qty. 4)
  • 125-ton GN Shackle for Synchoist (Qty. 8)
  • 75-ton Green Pin Shackle (Qty. 2) 
  • 55-ton Crosby Shackle (Qty. 4)
  • 35-ton Crosby Shackle (Qty. 16) 

Side Shift Units

Models Available: SS600 600-ton, SS300 300-ton

  • Electric propulsion controlled by standard gantry controls
  • Used to shift load along header beam
  • Each anchor contains an electric drive
  • Utilizes existing gantry wireless control
  • Includes transport frame
  • Each model number includes 4x propelled unit and cable guides


  • The braided high-performance rope construction enables slings to be manufactured with high strength and very low elongation under load.

  • Each sling is designed to perform on even the most rugged jobsite.

  • These slings are popular in gantry lifting systems because they are light weight and ease in handling.

  • Endless grommet configuration

  • Length tolerance: +/- 2 rope diameters


Spreader Beams & End Caps

  • 45-ton Tandemloc Spreader Beam End (Qty. 2)

  • 25-ton Tandemloc Spreader Beam End (Qty. 2)

  • 250-ton, 24” Spreader Beam Pipe (multiple available)

  • 24" Versabar End Cap