High Girder Bridge Trailer

Goldhofer offers the Faktor 5 High Girder Bridge (HGB) Trailer in various models, with deadweights of 70-130 tons, making it possible to transport payloads ranging from 350 to 650 tons. This innovative vehicle combines outstanding technology with maximum cost efficiency. It is a safe, intelligent transport system for a wide variety of special needs.

For transport operations involving extremely heavy loads such as transformers, generators, motors, turbines or other heavy industrial components, the new high girder bridge offers clear advantages in critical situations, such as bridge crossings and travel on other load-sensitive structures and surfaces. The vertical lifting stroke of the bridge itself, not including the stroke of the heavy-duty modules, is about 1.80 m in the loading area. Progressively adjustable loading widths from 3.00 to 6.75 m make the high girder bridge a flexible vehicle with all the convenience of quick and easy adjustment.

With load lengths of 11 to 17 m and fully variable axle configurations (from 2 x 12 to 2 x 20 axle lines), there are practically no limits to transport operations with big and heavy loads. The Faktor 5 high girder bridge also offers easy mobilization and economical shipping in containers.

Goldhofer Faktor 5 High Girder Bridge Features

  • Payload to deadweight ratio of 5 to 1
  • Reliable hydraulics (max. 250 bar)
  • Easy mobilization and economical shipping in containers 
  • Vertical lifting stroke of 1,80 m
  • Loading width from 3 m to 6.75 m – flexible and easily adjustable
  • Loading length from 11 m to 17 m – and even longer if needed
  • Variable axle combinations of 2 x 12 up to 2 x 20
  • Simple operation with a tried-and-tested system
  • Intelligent cross-bracing system and Goldhofer lateral stabilization system