ER In-Plant Transporters

With its compact design and ability to rotate 360 degrees without changing its midpoint, the powerful ER In-Plant Transporter is ideal for proficiently maneuvering heavy equipment through small entries, tight corridors and confined spaces. Unlike traditional SPMTs, our In-Plant transporter has an operating height of just 30 inches, narrow width of 90 inches, and smooth tread tires that make it ideal for interior concrete surfaces. American Cranes & Transport calls SPMTS “wheeled wonders.” Read the Article

SPMT In-Plant

In-Plant Transporter Key Features

  • Pivoting wheel assemblies allow forward, backward and sideways movement. Each self-leveling wheel unit has a steering and lifting cylinder to optimize control and traction.
  • Self-sufficient hydraulic power unit (HPU) features a Tier-4 engine that eliminates power cords and reduces emissions. A single HPU can fuel 2-3 trailers.
  • The trailer can rise from rise from 30 ⅜ in. to 44 ¾ in. to precisely load a component onto a station before exiting the project the area.
  • Intelli-Drive Remote Controller is intuitively easy to use and optimizes safety as the operator does not need to be on or in the transporter. The controller can be hard wired or wireless.
  • Two transporters and one power pack can be quickly delivered via a standard flatbed trailer or 20-foot container without special transport permits.


Minimum Height

2’ 7”


7’ 6”

Lifting Stroke


Steering Range

+/- 175°

Payload (per unit)

67.5 tons

Payload (per line)

22.5 tons

Speed (idle)

1.6 - 6.4 mph

Speed (loaded)

0.21 - 0.93 mph

Modular Design for Multiple Configurations

The minimized height and slim design allow the ER In-Plant Transporter to fit where other trailers can’t! It is comprised of a trailer with three axle lines and a diesel hydraulic power unit (HPU). Up to four trailers can be coupled end-to-end or side-by-side to meet the specific load requirements of a project and space constraints of the plant.