Bolting & Cutting Tools

A variety of tools are necessary to prepare for a heavy lifting project. Engineered Rigging rents hydraulic torque wrenches and industrial cutters.

Hydraulic Torque Wrenches

Controlled bolting is the process of applying an accurate torque load to a mechanical joint to meet specifications. Having the means to measure torque load during or immediately following the bolting process is essential for joint integrity and safety. The right tools used for controlled bolting can make the difference between your job running efficiently or costly delays Engineered Rigging offers a variety of Enerpac hydraulic torque wrenches for rental.


Industrial Cutters

Our Enerpac cutters, shears and splitters make it easy to quickly and safely cut through heavy duty bar, chain, cable, nuts and similar materials. We rent a variety of hydraulic, electric and manual cutters. Enerpac's cutters are built to handle industrial-grade materials on a daily basis. Like all Enerpac tools, each cutter is designed and built to last in tough working conditions for a safer, simpler and more productive workflow.