“A lift solution that rises above space constraints.”

Often, a project requires the power of a crane, but confined space makes using one costly and time consuming — if not completely impossible. To tackle this common problem, Engineered Rigging’s engineers leveraged the law of physics and their knowledge to design an innovative solution: the patent-pending Scorpion System — a single wall-mount lift system.

The Scorpion’s frame uses friction to support the crane on a single wall within a building or on an exterior structure to virtually eliminate the typical ground-level footprint required for a crane. A compressive load applied to both sides of the wall maintains positive engagement at all times.

The Scorpion System provides several advantages over traditional cranes: rapid assembly without time consuming preparations, improved load handling efficiency, optimized load control and superior lift-to-weight ratios.

Time & Cost Savings

  • Installs in a single work shift and relocates quickly as a single unit
  • Eliminates the need for a pre-installed crane base, counterweights and core-drilling
  • Requires only minor surface preparation and no structural alterations to the wall or existing components

Patent-Pending Design

  • Compact design requires wall length of less than 10 feet
  • The frame extends vertically less than 4 feet from the top of the wall
  • Independent downriggers accommodate variances in the wall thickness
  • Custom modifications can be made to meet a site’s specific needs

Powerful Capacity

The Scorpion System can be custom-configured to meet a broad spectrum of loading, lifting and handling tasks.

  • Maximum Overturning Moment of the crane with an FOS ≈2
  • Maximum Moment: 4,000 pounds at 71 feet
  • Maximum Winch Capacity: ~8,000 pounds (single-part line), ~16,000 pounds (two-part line)

Horizontal Load Capacity


Safe, Seamless Operation

Wireless controls provide the operator with increased mobility to safely control load handling. Its safety features Scorpion-Dims-white-bkgOptinclude:

  • 360 degree load handling capacity
  • An automated synchronous control system
  • Detached hydraulic power unit that provides convenient access to power controls
  • Wall clamping force that is continuously monitored by load cells with a digital readout unit

57Scorpion System Product Data Sheet

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