“Engineered Rigging is well-equipped to take your project from concept to completion.”

Every project has its challenges. Often the required equipment is oversized, while workspace is limited. Structures are sometimes degraded, and in nearly every case, deadlines are tight. While most contractors outsource their engineering projects, Engineered Rigging employs a team of mechanical, civil and structural engineers to develop custom solutions for the most complex logistical and construction challenges.

Our reputation as innovative problem solvers is evidenced by an array of satisfied customers and several patent-pending designs. Sometimes, we even solve more than you ask of us, which was was the case in Florida when an ordinary RFP led to an unexpected proposal and staggering savings for the industrial plant. To read the case study, click here.

Once a design is approved, our highly skilled craftsmen and project managers meticulously execute the plans by leveraging proven practices, time-tested processes and world-class equipment.  In addition, our designs incorporate quality assurance requirements that meet and often exceed project specifications and government mandates, enabling us to achieve superior functional integrity, quality and reliability.


Rigging and lift plans
Feasibility studies
Crane layouts
3-D solid modeling
Construction reviews
Third-party reviews
Engineering animations
Load-bearing calculations


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